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9th March 2023

Cabinet Committee: Regeneration – Results of public consultation

On Thursday 9th March 2023 Winchester City Council’s Cabinet Committee: Regeneration met to hear the results of the public consultation. The meeting was recorded live via YouTube and you are welcome to watch it via the council’s channel –

Please click here for a copy of the full Committee report and the consultation report (item 7, pages 13 to 75).

Here are some highlights extracted from the report:

It would not be plausible to include every comment and suggestion received, however, listed below are the ones with significant support across the website interactive map, the survey results and conversations at in person events.

  • There was clear support for the development principles attaining between 92% and 95% support from survey respondents.
  • Respondents want the station area to reflect the look, feel and history of the rest of the city. As the first impression visitors will get of the city, they want it to reflect all that Winchester has to offer.
  • To generate a greater sense of arrival, measures such as benches and better navigation signs around the station area were a popular response.
  • Creating more (and safer) ways for people to travel without needing to use the car, such as better street lighting and shelters would be supported.
  • There are concerns around accessibility to the station using existing public transport and the desire to maintain facilities for those with disabilities who need to use a car.
  • Most people want improved walking and/or cycling routes and bus services in the area.
  • Respondents were keen to ensure that any new development considered its environmental impact as well as its impact on Winchester’s heritage.
  • A clear desire to see local independent business occupying the commercial spaces, incorporating retail outlets into high quality and flexible office space.
  • A clear consensus that trees and green spaces around the station should be protected as much as possible.
  • Should residential development be pursued as part of the mix of uses in this area, then there was a clear preference for affordable housing and some support for student accommodation, amongst other types.
  • Respondents (particularly businesses) expressed an interest in more modern and flexible workspaces as opposed to traditional office space.
  • There is a concern that the council should finish the other major projects within the district before embarking on any others.
  • Many women expressed that they don’t currently feel safe using public transport at night in this area.

As you know, this is just the first step in a process towards regenerating this area. The next steps for the project are outlined below.

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MilestoneDateContents / comments
Cabinet Committee: Regeneration07/06/23Capacity study results and next steps
Scrutiny Committee03/07/23Review of Strategic Outline Case (SOC) prior to Cabinet decision and consideration of options for progressing the project.
Cabinet – Strategic Outline Case (SOC)18/07/23Consideration of Strategic Outline Case (SOC) and options for progressing the project.

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